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Adamu, the head of the APC, tells the Campaign Council, “Crush anything that stands in the way of your victory in Osun State


Senator Abdulahi Adamu, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has told the National Campaign Council for the Osun State Governorship Election to do whatever it takes within the law to win the July 16 election for governor in that state.

Adamu said this on Thursday at the national secretariat in Abuja, where the 86-person campaign council was sworn in.

He said that while the election for governor of Ekiti State was easy for the party, the election in Osun is also a must-win.

The national chairman told the campaign council members not to come crying back to the party, saying that there was no room for failure.

Adamu stressed:

“No one should come crying to us, because failure is not our fault. I told them to do whatever it takes to win the election, as long as it doesn’t break the law.

“Let’s win the election. We’re not sorry about this at all, because these two elections are the best way to get ready for the national election in 2023.”

Adamu also said that he had heard that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Ademola Adeleke, is a “money bag,” but he promised that the APC would be ready for him.

His words:

“I was told that the candidate for governor from the other party is a money bag. So we have to be ready to look him in the eye. We’re going there to win, and the plan to win and the ability to carry out the plan depend on the campaign leadership that this council will give.

“I urge you to look in every possible place. I want you to go there and do everything you can to win according to the laws of the federal republic of Nigeria and the Electoral law. My level of tolerance for failure is zero, and this national working committee’s level of tolerance for failure is also zero.

“Most of you have been statesmen in your own right because of the jobs you’ve held before today, but for this exercise, put away the big guns and creepy suits and go down into the trenches to bring us the victory we want.”

“The truth is that Nigerians chose APC, and we will do everything we can to keep this envious position.”

Now, as a party, we have decided who will carry our flag in the next presidential election in 2023.

Dr. Abdulahi Ganduje, the Governor of Kano State and Co-Chair of the National Campaign Council of the party, has said that this time the Osun election will be final.

He promised that the campaign team would work to make sure the party wins in Osun.



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