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Nigeria seeks more assistance for displaced people at the African Union Summit


President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria has called for a more concentrated and structured effort to alleviate the suffering of African refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), saying that “only a collective and coordinated approach will make a difference.”

He said this in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, during the 16th African Union Extraordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government on Humanitarian Crises in Africa and Pledging Conference.

More than five million people have been relocated in the Lake Chad region, according to President Buhari, with Nigerians accounting for 70% of those displaced.

“We cannot deny that we are dealing with a very grave humanitarian situation,” he said, adding that Boko Haram insurgents’ deadly assault on Nigeria’s north east had resulted in humanitarian difficulties.

Humanitarian Emergency

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria stated that the humanitarian situation prompted the establishment of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, which was created to provide a national response strategy.


“This is in accordance with the Kampala Convention on the Protection and Assistance of Internally Displaced Persons,” says the statement. I am pleased to inform Your Excellencies that Nigeria’s Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has maintained to fulfill its responsibility by rapidly reacting to all displaced persons and disaster management situations.”

According to the President, the ministry has also enlarged its sphere of activities by caring for the country’s poor schoolchildren.

“In primary schools around the country, the government runs a mandatory school food program. This is to ensure that each child receives at least one balanced and nutritious meal every day.

“Through the ministry, the government constructed Internally Displaced Individuals camps for refugees, returnee migrants, and displaced persons in every area of the country, where all displaced persons receive food, shelter, clothes, medical care, and other livelihood support.”

“We’ve also implemented a Conditional Cash Transfer scheme, under which the very poor and vulnerable in our society receive a monthly cash transfer,” President Buhari said.


President Buhari applauded the African Union’s creation of a Humanitarian Agency to address the growing needs of displaced people and refugees.

“The purpose for the creation of this Agency is to form a shared African viewpoint on humanitarian effectiveness and to create an appropriate continental infrastructure to effectively respond and coordinate humanitarian crises on the continent,” he continued.

The President congratulated the African Union, the government of Equatorial Guinea, and the people of Equatorial Guinea for providing a forum for leaders to discuss and address important issues facing the continent.

“You will agree that this meeting could not have come at a better moment, given the problems posed to our various countries and the continent at large by the increasing number of Internally Displaced Persons, Refugees, and Returnee Migrants.”

“As you are aware, Mr. Chairperson, the world is facing emerging threats like as Climate Change, which has resulted in global warming, rising water levels, and the diminishing of rivers and lakes in some areas.

“All of this causes disruptions in our aquatic and, as a result, ecological systems.” Conflicts, violent extremism, and terrorist acts, such as fights between herders and farmers and banditry, result in the displacement of entire communities, displacing thousands of people.

“Millions of people have been relocated in Nigeria’s north east as a result of climate change, which has resulted in the shrinking of Lake Chad and the loss of livelihood.”

“Your Excellencies, as we gather today in this ancient city of Malabo to put our hopes of establishing the African Humanitarian Agency into action,” he remarked, “I congratulate you all on rising to the occasion.”

The President thanked the Specialized Technical Committee for their hard work in producing the statutes while committing $3 million for the launch of the African Union Humanitarian Agency.

Macky Sall, the African Union Chairman and President of Senegal, committed three million dollars ($3 million) on behalf of his country, inviting other African leaders to contribute to the humanitarian agency’s foundation.

Climate change, natural catastrophes, and terrorism, according to the AU Chairman, have made it necessary to establish an agency to satisfy the needs of displaced Africans.

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, the host country’s president, donated $4 million, with $2 million going to the new Agency and $2 million going to Mozambique.


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