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Do you concur? Senator says now is not the time to impeach Buhari


Senator Mohammed Sani Musa of Niger East has stated that now is not the time for a motion demanding President Muhammadu Buhari’s impeachment.
In an interview with media in Abuja on Tuesday, he stated this.

Impeachment, according to Musa, is yet another “crisis” that the country does not require.

When asked why MPs have not moved to remove Buhari from office despite Nigeria’s deteriorating security situation, Musa gave this reply.

“You and I both know what impeachment means. It’s another catastrophe on top of another. Why do we require it now? “What we require is a solution,” the legislator stated.

“We need this country to return to its previous state of peace.” I would prefer a system in which the government’s entire operation is focused on security.

“Anything we do in this country should be aimed towards reducing insecurity.” We are in danger. There is no leader, from councillor to president, who will sleep with one eye open.

“I do not believe that we should initiate an impeachment motion simply because we have the legislative authority to do so.”

“This is not the moment for an impeachment motion.”

Do you agree with Senator Mohammed Sani or disagree with him?
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